Lura Roller Screeds

When it comes to flatwork concrete, no job or pour is too big, too small or too challenging for the Lura Screed from Lura Enterprises. From jobsite to jobsite, versatility is key to an effective piece of equipment – and the Lura Screed offers versatility and so much more.

 Developed by an experienced concretor, this award-winning roller screed performs like no other on the market, shining in the most difficult and demanding applications. From sloped pours, to circular and large pours to pervious applications, the Lura Roller Screed does it all. Our unique, patented and lightweight design offers maximum productivity in an easy to transport and easy to operate screed.

A variety of options and accessories offer the ability to customize the screed to your exact pour needs. Feel free to try all the other screeds on the market, but before you buy, make sure you try the Lightning Strike Screed. You’ll see why!

Click here to view some photos and videos of the Lura Roller Screed in action.

The Contractor’s Package

The Contractor Package was designed to eliminate confusion about what to use for each application by putting everything into one convenient bundle.

The Contractor Package includes tubes that can be coupled together to create over 15 different tube lengths. The aluminium / magnesium / titanium design is lightweight, yet durable, and capable of clear spanning 6.7 metres without deflection. A screed rail is suggested for over 7 metres. With features like Riser Wheels and Form Runners you can protect your investment.

The three tripod stands make assembly on the job-site a breeze. One person can assemble and disassemble the tubes in no time. Versatility and convenience were at the forefront when creating the Lura Roller Screed. Therefore, the smallest crews (two) to some of the largest construction companies in the world have discovered the time and labor-saving advantages of the Lura Roller Screed System.

1 x 50cc gas motor assembly

4 x screed tubes (1.4m, 2m, 4m and 5.9m)

Wall plugs

3 x tripod stands

1 x pull handle

1 x motor side riser wheel

1 x T handle

2 x hex drivers

1 x form runner

25 x Mako fin caps and a driver

1 x tote with accessories

For more information check out the Lura Enterprises website

If you’re looking for a better solution for your concreting work, give me a call to discuss the Lura Roller Screed, supporting Mako products and Superior Innovations products.

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